Mirla Riomar, the singer of Brazilian origin who lives in Barcelona, launches her first album, called 'Afrobrasileira', where through her music she shows and transmits the ancestry and social roots of a Brazil that has fused throughout its history, marked by the colonization and cultural diversity. It shows us a still unknown (or little known) side of Brazil, with its own style. It is the result of the fusion of the rhythmic roots of Bahia with touches of jazz and soul, as well as the use of effects and small electronic elements.

In this work, she is accompanied by her inseparable guitarist Marcel Vallès, co-producer of the album, along with the renowned percussionist Alan Souza, as well as various internationally renowned musicians such as the maestro Letieres Leite, Gabriel Grossi, Ivan Sacerdote, Jurandir Santana and Childo Tomas, among others. In the songs that make up the new album, which have been composed by Mirla Riomar, the musical and acoustic quality stands out, with a great variety of percussion instruments as well as rhythmic richness. A number of typical Brazilian musical rhythms are mixed: samba de roda, ijexá, forró, ramunha, maculele, samba, arrocha, samba de caboclo, etc.

'Afrobrasileira' breathes fresh air into the musical panorama of our country with a voice that brings us new music from a Brazil that goes beyond bossa nova and samba. Mirla Riomar represents the Brazil of the favelas, of African and indigenous descendants, which she carries in her own blood, her roots and origins. And she does so through different stories, claims, experiences, emotions and a lot of feeling, which allow her to create different unique and authentic musical moments, often based on the fusion of these rhythms.